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An internship is a carefully monitored work or service experience with intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what they are learning. The internship can be part of an educational program that is evaluated for academic credit or part of a learning plan that the intern develops.

Internships vary in duration. They can be part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid. The important element that distinguishes an internship from a short-term job is the intentional learning outcomes that the intern brings to the experience and the employer provides.

Follow these steps to begin your internship search process.

  1. Meet with a career coach during drop-in hours or schedule an appointment via Handshake.
  2. Draft a resume and have it reviewed by a Career Coach.
  3. Start your search!
    • Look for internship announcements in your academic department or meet with an internship coordinator.
    • Participate in the career expos. Over 70% of the employers in attendance are hiring interns, making it an excellent way to network and find an internship.

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