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Welcome to the Hospitality & Tourism Community! Learn more here about the different career paths you can pursue, get resources to start your career journey and take next steps to pursue career opportunities.

Within this category are the positions that facilitate travel, rest and relaxation.  Lodging, food service, and janitorial staff are some of the jobs to be found here. Large portions of the US economy are tied up in hospitality and tourism and managerial opportunities are in no short order. People who pursue careers in hospitality and tourism can develop strong knowledge in theoretical and applied business methods, interpersonal skills, leadership aptitude, and teamwork strategies.

Occupations within Hospitality & Tourism

How to Achieve Your Goals Over Break

As the much-needed Thanksgiving break is just around the corner, it may be incredibly tempting to kick up your feet and not think about school at all during the break. That being said, many students also use this time to …

By Kate Dehart
Kate Dehart Intern: Academic Coach
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Class registration

Priority registration for Spring classes opened Monday, November 6th. If you have yet to meet with your advisors now is the perfect time to schedule that appointment. We encourage students to schedule appointments with their advisors as soon as possible …

By Cristal Resendiz-Ramos
Cristal Resendiz-Ramos Intern: Academic Coach
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Handshake Insights: Who is Hiring in Hospitality?

With the end of the pandemic, the Tourism and Hospitality industry is booming worldwide. From managing reservations to becoming an event coordinator, the hospitality roles are incredibly diverse, allowing you to build on your previous experiences and transferable skills. When …

By Aimee Tejeda Lunn
Aimee Tejeda Lunn Employer Relations Manager
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Level Up by Being Multi-lingual in Hospitality!

The ability to speak a foreign language can really be an asset in a forward-facing, hospitality industry. We hear more about this in the article “The Best Languages to Learn for Business and the Hospitality Industry”, by Beata Lobertreau, a …

By Aimee Tejeda Lunn
Aimee Tejeda Lunn Employer Relations Manager
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Future Internships

Do you see an internship in your future? If not, why not? An internship can be beneficial in many ways. It can help you decide if the major you have chosen is a good fit for you or not. It …

By Maureen Summit
Maureen Summit Graduate Staff Assistant
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