Academic Coaching

Available to all undergraduate students, the primary focus of individualized coaching sessions is to work with you surrounding educational, personal, and professional growth in areas such as Time Management, Learning Strategies, Notetaking, Testing, Motivation, and Procrastination.  Our program recognizes the dedication required to perform within university settings and seeks to offer support in rigorous learning environments.

Popular Coaching Topics:

  • Time Management: Offerings including scheduling/calendar development, and semester mapping.
  • Prioritization: Exploring methods for organizing commitments and responsibilities and establishing avenues for gauging the impact of assignments/activities.
  • Learning Strategies: Diving into the differences between studying and learning, developing study skills, discussing learning styles, and investigating the impact of study environments.
  • Note-Taking: Examination of implementing a variety of approaches, discussion of tools and resources, as well as information about the topic of active listening.
  • Goal-Setting: Utilization of tools such as concept mapping, vision boarding, and long-term/short-term goal setting.
  • Motivation and Procrastination: Suggestions surrounding strategies, tips, and helpful resources

To make an appointment, please call (509) 335-6000 or, schedule online or stop by the front desk at the Academic Success and Career Center.

Getting on Track to Rock Your Semester!

Welcome Back Cougs! I hope you had a wonderful Summer break and had some time to rest and refresh for the Fall Semester!

It’s important to start your semester off right by getting into the groove of your new routine! …

By Morgan Jernigan
Morgan Jernigan G.A: Academic Coach
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Welcome Back Cougs!

The ASCC is excited to start a new semester with you. For a successful first week, check out some pro tips below.

Do you still need to add a class, are on a waiting list you are not sure you …

By Adrianne Mitchell
Adrianne Mitchell GA: Academic Coach
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Future Internships

Do you see an internship in your future? If not, why not? An internship can be beneficial in many ways. It can help you decide if the major you have chosen is a good fit for you or not. It …

By Maureen Summit
Maureen Summit Graduate Staff Assistant
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An On-line Option

Attending Washing State University is a milestone decision in a student’s academic career; however, making the move to Pullman could prove to be an obstacle. WSU cares about its students’ success and provides options to connect students with their academic …

By Maureen Summit
Maureen Summit Graduate Staff Assistant
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Long-Term Goal Setting: How to Take Advantage of Summer Breaks

We’re almost there, Cougs! We’ve almost made it to summer vacation! I’m already dreaming of sunshine, beaches, and sweet relaxation. Do you have any plans for how to use your summer break? Any internships? Jobs? Summer classes? Let’s take a …

By Kiersten Guetlein
Kiersten Guetlein
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Featured Resources

As a college student, you are a target for scammers. They know that you are young, potentially inexperienced, and may …

Drop-In Academic and Career Advising

First week of the semester we host 8-5, M-F, academic advising drop-in hours!

Second week to finals we offer:


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