Available to all undergraduate students, the primary focus of individualized coaching sessions is to work with you surrounding educational, personal, and professional growth in areas such as Time Management, Learning Strategies, Notetaking, Testing, Motivation, and Procrastination.  Our program recognizes the dedication required to perform within university settings and seeks to offer support in rigorous learning environments.

Popular Coaching Topics:

  • Time Management: Offerings including scheduling/calendar development, and semester mapping.
  • Prioritization: Exploring methods for organizing commitments and responsibilities and establishing avenues for gauging the impact of assignments/activities.
  • Learning Strategies: Diving into the differences between studying and learning, developing study skills, discussing learning styles, and investigating the impact of study environments.
  • Note-Taking: Examination of implementing a variety of approaches, discussion of tools and resources, as well as information about the topic of active listening.
  • Goal-Setting: Utilization of tools such as concept mapping, vision boarding, and long-term/short-term goal setting.
  • Motivation and Procrastination: Suggestions surrounding strategies, tips, and helpful resources

To make an appointment, please call (509) 335-6000 or, schedule online or stop by the front desk at the Academic Success and Career Center.

Academic Coaching Handouts

How to manage your Motivation and procrastination:

The worksheets provided below can assist you in prioritizing your assignments based on their urgency, due dates, and level of difficulty. By identifying the factors that demotivate you, you can begin to change your habits and become more productive in completing your work. Completing the worksheet will allow you to monitor your progress and create a study plan. It will also help you to recognize the negative effects of procrastination. Starting assignments earlier can lessen stress and provide you with more control over your life.

Developing good study strategies is key to learning!

The key to developing good study strategies is frequency which is looking at not only how you are studying but how often. Many students’ tendency may be to wait till the test is about a week or less away to start studying. That approach results in not reviewing certain information until way after you initially learned it in lecture which is sometimes feels like that’s the first time you seen some of that information! What is way more effective is incorporating frequent review and study sessions into your weekly schedule. That’s even when the test is two-, four-, or even six-weeks away.

To master frequent studying, check out the worksheets on the Study Cycle which is a tool that can be used to help prepare for those upcoming exams and assignments. This study tool can help break the information you are learning into more manageable pieces, so you can retain the information better, which will allow you to be better engaged in the class. The study cycle can be used as a guide for studying, so you aren’t studying at the last minute, trying to cram everything in. This will help make your study time much more effective and will help you make the most out of your classes.

Tracking your GPA can help you identify strengths and areas for improvement, enabling you to set informed goals and stay on a path to academic success.

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