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Welcome to Washington State University’s Academic Success & Career Center! Choosing the right college/university is a deeply personal and challenging decision. WSU offers many support services to help you plan for your future.

Overview of Our Services

Academic Advising

Our academic advisors’ goal is students’ academic success, and we help them with classes, navigating pass/fail options, changing majors, and looking at other options. Academic Advising is set up through Navigate.

Drop-In Meetings for Academic Advising & Career Coaching

We offer our drop-in hours of 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm; students can still speak with an Academic Advisor or Career Coach. We offer both in-person and virtual meetings. No appointment is necessary.

Career Coaching and Assessments

Students can schedule a career coaching appointment with us for career coaching and assessments via Handshake. At these one-and-one meetings, we can help navigate resources and assessment tools to aid in the ongoing career decision-making process. From resume reviews to finalizing a major and career pathway, we are here to help you discover your best self.


Students can use ASCC tutoring services & our tutoring database to find an available tutor to speak with based on the subject they need help with. Tutoring meetings are offered as in-person and via Zoom.

Academic Success Coaching

Academic coaches work one on one, and students get real-time help and tips on time management, procrastination, learning strategies, and much more! 

Cougar Closet

The Cougar Closet provides gently used (and sometimes new with tags on) professional clothing. Whether you are gearing up for an interview or have an important event approaching, the Cougar Closet has what you need. Open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. No appointment is necessary.

Finance vs. Accounting: Which Career Path Is Right For Me? Quiz

You know you want a job that deals with money and numbers. If you get a job in finance or accounting, you’ll be doing just that. But how do you choose? What’s the difference between finance vs. accounting? 

While both …

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Engaging with WSU Undocumented Resources

Are you a WSU student looking to engage with undocumented services? Check out these fantastic student resources that make a difference at WSU:

2. Another fantastic resource is The Crimson Group, “a civic engagement support student-led group for undocumented students …

By Aimee Tejeda Lunn
Aimee Tejeda Lunn Employer Relations Manager
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WSU Student International Center Is Here for You!

As an international student, you are embarking on a dynamic academic journey that will take you to many places in the future. But as a current or upcoming student at WSU, what resources are readily available for international students when …

By Aimee Tejeda Lunn
Aimee Tejeda Lunn Employer Relations Manager
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Are you currently considering an internship or job opening? 

As the end of the semester approaches, it’s time to start thinking about summer. This is a great time to recharge your batteries, look for job opportunities, and explore internships that will help you gain practical experience. One way to …

By Cristal Resendiz-Ramos
Cristal Resendiz-Ramos Intern: Academic Coach
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13 Careers in Law (Without Being a Lawyer)

Interested in the legal industry but unsure about wanting to attend law school? Some of the best careers in law allow you to explore different areas of the legal sector without becoming an attorney. Legal careers like paralegal and electronic …

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Featured Resources

As a college student, you are a target for scammers. They know that you are young, potentially inexperienced, and may …

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