Are you currently considering an internship or job opening? 

As the end of the semester approaches, it’s time to start thinking about summer. This is a great time to recharge your batteries, look for job opportunities, and explore internships that will help you gain practical experience. One way to get started is by becoming a University Teaching Assistant (UTA) and asking your professors about available positions for the next semester. This can be a great way to get your foot in the door and start building your career.

Participating in UTA experiences can be advantageous even if you are not planning to pursue a teaching career. If you are interested in becoming a UTA, you should consider reaching out to your professors to see if there are any prerequisites you need to fulfill. Additionally, you may need to contact the head of your department or your academic advisor to discuss your options. 

Getting in touch with TAs directly can help with workload, credit eligibility, and compensation. Seeking guidance from professors, UTAs, and advisors is also valuable, particularly for courses that require special permission to enroll.  

An alternative way to search for on-campus jobs or internships is by visiting the ASCC website ( You can access the “Visit Handshake” tab in the top right-hand corner and create an account using your WSU credentials. This will allow you to upload your resume, apply for positions, and explore job opportunities throughout the year. Moreover, the university has partnered with many companies that are looking for undergraduate students, regardless of the year they’re in, to potentially hire after graduation. So, keep an eye out for such opportunities, and don’t feel discouraged to apply. You can find additional resources on the ASCC page, including online and on-campus career fairs. These resources can assist you in applying for jobs, researching qualifications, and planning your future career.

By Cristal Resendiz-Ramos
Cristal Resendiz-Ramos Intern: Academic Coach