Parents & Families

Pursuing a college degree is a commitment that we know you as parents and supporters do not take lightly 

The ASCC aids in both Academics and Career. We simplify the process and help create concrete plans to address the challenges that college students face.

From advising and academic success support to career exploration and helping to impress employers we are eager to engage with your students.

Some key stand outs for success to immediately be able to communicate with your students:

Don’t wait to ask for assistance!

Early support is impactful whether it’s tutoring, time management, or study strategies, the sooner the conversation happens the better!

Career starts today!

The college degree remains a bedrock that employers desire and provides many opportunities including vastly increased lifetime earnings.

But! Entry level positions are hardly entry level anymore. Planning, decision-making and completing internships/experiential learning are important steps to begin years ahead of graduation.

Remember there is always support so encourage your students to engage to overcome!

Career Development is Self-Care

Have you ever taken a fall, suffered a cut or jammed your finger/toe and found yourself not wanting to look at the spot where it hurt most? In that moment it almost feels that it doesn’t become real until you …

By Harrison Hughes
Harrison Hughes Career Coach & Academic Advisor
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Dealing with Homesickness in College 

By Bailey Kopp
Bailey Kopp GA: Academic Coach
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4 interview preparation tips

Did you know that employers site lack of preparation as the most common interview mistake made by candidates?

Don’t allow yourself to make this common and costly mistake. Check out this five-minute video, hosted by College Recruiter’s Content Manager, Bethany …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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New or Potential Transfer Students, Check this out!

WSU has a web page just for you to keep you up to date and informed. Including: transfer tools,

credit policies, student resources & events, and Pathway agreements & processes.

Welcome to WSU! Hope to see you soon.

By Maureen Summit
Maureen Summit Graduate Staff Assistant
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Setting goals for the upcoming semester 

Reflecting on your grades this semester, do you feel content with your performance? Take a couple of minutes to evaluate the past semester and ask yourself if there is any room for improvement, if not, consider what factors contributed to …

By Cristal Resendiz-Ramos
Cristal Resendiz-Ramos Intern: Academic Coach
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