Business Management & Administration

Welcome to the Business Management & Administration Community! Learn more here about the different career paths you can pursue, get resources to start your career journey and take next steps to pursue career opportunities.

Occupations in this group are all related to the management of and daily functions of business. Roles in this cluster include allocating and directing the work of others, tracking operations, and making decisions about growth as well as many other functions necessary to ensure a business run. Clerks, front desk staff, buyers and sellers, security and accounting all fall under this grouping. If you’ve ever thought about working “In business” this is the place to look.

Occupations within Business Management & Administration

Applying to Work at Google

Did you know that Google provides a wide range of career advice  for students? This includes information on resume writing, career fairs and scholarships. 

If you have already landed an interview, check out 30+Common Google Interview Questions.

By Melanie Kiel
Melanie Kiel
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Future Internships

Do you see an internship in your future? If not, why not? An internship can be beneficial in many ways. It can help you decide if the major you have chosen is a good fit for you or not. It …

By Maureen Summit
Maureen Summit Graduate Staff Assistant
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Marketing your diversity in a job search

In the article, How to market your diversity in your job search, Adejoke Adeboyejo highlights these tips to highlight the unique aspects of your professional background –

By Melanie Kiel
Melanie Kiel Career Coach
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Internships that really move, Railway Opportunities

Trains have captured the imagination of many, young and old, and while we may have outgrown some of this ourselves railways remain a pillar of the American economy.

For those that would like to learn more about opportunities for current …

By Harrison Hughes
Harrison Hughes Career Coach
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Three Common Types of Accounting

Here are three types of accounting, which businesses use. Large firms or stock traded firms are likely to use all three together. I’ll describe tax, financial, and managerial accounting alongside household decisions. I learned a lot, when helping small businesses …

By Nels Blair
Nels Blair
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