Welcome to the Sustainability Community! Learn more here about the different career paths you can pursue, get resources to start your career journey and take next steps to pursue career opportunities.

In this category are the positions that actively engage in behaviors that promote or demonstrate environmentally sound and sustainable practices.  These occupations can come from any of the other career clusters so there is a wide variety of opportunities. The areas that likely contain the most potential contributions to sustainability are Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources; Architecture & Construction; Information Technology; Manufacturing; Operations & Logistics; and STEM.

Occupations within Sustainability

Future Internships

Do you see an internship in your future? If not, why not? An internship can be beneficial in many ways. It can help you decide if the major you have chosen is a good fit for you or not. It …

By Maureen Summit
Maureen Summit Graduate Staff Assistant
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Marketing your diversity in a job search

In the article, How to market your diversity in your job search, Adejoke Adeboyejo highlights these tips to highlight the unique aspects of your professional background –

By Melanie Kiel
Melanie Kiel Career Coach
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Carbon Emissions Break Down – What Can We Do?

As we are all aware by now, the temperature of our planet is rising due to climate change. The main contributor to these exponential changes is the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Effect. Now, the GHG Effect is a natural phenomenon; carbon …

By Abigail Kirsten
Abigail Kirsten
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Most In-demand Green Jobs – Now & Next Decade

With growing concerns about environmental problems and the implementation of new laws and action plans (such as Washington State’s Climate Commitment Act), the need for sustainable and environmental jobs is increasing and will become key as we shift towards a …

By Abigail Kirsten
Abigail Kirsten
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What is Sustainability?

Before we can understand if we want to pursue a future in career centered on sustainability we ought to have a good idea of what sustainability is. The US Environmental Protection Agency provides some definitions and resources to help answer …

By Harrison Hughes
Harrison Hughes Career Coach
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