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Let’s Collaborate: Your guidance and support are essential.

  • Don’t Cancel Class Workshops

    Are you expecting to miss one or more of your classes this semester due to a professional or personal conflict? Instead of canceling class, one of our facilitators will guide your students through a workshop of your choice. Our workshops focus on strengthening academic habits or career development and readiness.

    In order to have adequate time to prepare your workshop, we generally ask for a two-week notice (requests sent with less than a two-week notice will still be reviewed). We will respond to requests within 4 business days. For more information, please use the Workshop Request form.

  • Advisor Learning Program

    We currently offer a three-part series called “Foundations of Academic Advising.” Training provides a clear, consistent knowledge base to ensure excellence in advising at WSU. The Advisor Learning program also facilitates ongoing professional development to enrich the training and development of new and seasoned advisors.

  • Student Employment Services

    For many students, student employment represents a major contribution in financing their education. There are many jobs and opportunities available on Handshake, our student employment platform. It is possible for students who do not receive work-study to successfully find employment and pay for many of their educational expenses by working on campus.

    Student Employment: Employer Resources

    Employee Handbook

    Supervisor Handbook.

    Orientation Checklist

  • Help Student Become Career Ready: Your guidance and support is essential.

    WSU students often turn to faculty and staff as they explore their career aspirations and goals. Here are some of the ways that we can work together:

    • Check out our new Faculty Tool Kit for easy and intentional ways to build career readiness and student confidence into your courses.
    • Advocate for early career engagement and reflection.
    • Help integrate career content into your curriculum.
    • Host a Career Class or bring your class for a tour of our office.
    • Network with Employers (they want to meet you!)
    • Determine Salaries NACE Salary Calculator and Compensation Data Center
    • Utilize our team of career coaches and professionals.

Want to collaborate on career readiness? Connect with Amanda Morgan.

Career Is Everywhere

While the ASCC staff and career professionals on campus support students in their career development, every WSU professional has a career story to share and as a result can provide unique career development support.

Students often report that they feel pressure to choose the perfect major because that decision will determine the outcome of their entire career. By sharing your story and connecting students with others in your network you can help dispel the myth that individuals have linear career paths. Statistics tell is that 5 years post-graduation, approximately 27% of graduates are employed in a field related to their major (Forbes, 2017).

Career Development Model

In general, career professionals break down the career development process into four stages: assessment, exploration, engagement, and action/post-graduation transition. The ASCC developed its own model which reflects some WSU specific activities.

High Impact Educational Practices

Internship and Experiential Learning Resources

We highly recommend that all students complete at least one internship during their WSU career.

Students may learn about internship opportunities through Handshake, Career Expos and their own networking efforts.

In addition to internships, students may engage in these experiential education opportunities.

Study Abroad & Global Learning

Undergraduate Research

Extra-Curricular & Leadership

Student Employment including Peer Mentoring

Resources for Internship Funding

We encourage students to seek paid internships, however, in some industries, including non-profit organizations, this may not be a feasible option. A number of WSU college and departments offer funding to assist students in their internship pursuits including

            School of Economic Sciences

            Carson College of Business – Beckman Scholarship

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