International Students

Life in the United States as an international student can be fun and challenging and the Academic Success & Career Center is here to provide support.

Academic Resources

You can take advantage of quiet study spaces, tutoring to be more successful in your classes and advising if you are exploring new majors.

Career Resources

Our career coaches are available to work with all students and help you navigate your international experience. Please consider the resources on this page or make an appointment with us to address your concerns, work through challenges, and strengthen your application materials.

Researching Organizations:

Linkedin serves as a great starting point for learning about an organization you are interested in.  Every business is different and understanding a way to connect yourself to that business could help with landing an opportunity with them.  The Mission Statement for each organization is a chance to envision how you could be a part of their overall mission.

Resume Design and Interview Coaching:

Resume design is one place to highlight what makes you you and the ASCC coaches understand how to blend and build your international experience and identity with what you think is most important and what the organization may think is most important.  Resumes require a lot of work and constant change but the ASCC is prepared to guide you and then teach you how to use the tools we use to prepare yourself for success in the United States market.

Career Exploration:

Not sure where to start or thinking about how your major can lead to success post-graduation, our Career Coaches can help.

Researching Employers Who Hire International Applicants:

This H1B database can help you find employers with a history of hiring international applicants.

E-Verify is a system that U.S. employers can use to search for work authorization of applicants. If the company has an E-Verify profile you know they can confirm your ability to work in the U.S.!

Getting on Track to Rock Your Semester!

Welcome Back Cougs! I hope you had a wonderful Summer break and had some time to rest and refresh for the Fall Semester!

It’s important to start your semester off right by getting into the groove of your new routine! …

By Morgan Jernigan
Morgan Jernigan G.A: Academic Coach
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Welcome Back Cougs!

The ASCC is excited to start a new semester with you. For a successful first week, check out some pro tips below.

Do you still need to add a class, are on a waiting list you are not sure you …

By Adrianne Mitchell
Adrianne Mitchell GA: Academic Coach
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My E-Verify for International Students

When employers attempt to hire an international applicant they are required to confirm that this person is eligible to work in the united states. E-Verify is a online system that the Department of Homeland Security uses to help both employers …

By Harrison Hughes
Harrison Hughes Career Coach & Academic Advisor
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When Do College Students Need to Do an Internship?

You may know that internships are a great launching point for your career, giving you a leg up in the application process, professional experience, job skills, and more. But when do college students need to do an internship? Is it …

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Level Up by Being Multi-lingual in Hospitality!

The ability to speak a foreign language can really be an asset in a forward-facing, hospitality industry. We hear more about this in the article “The Best Languages to Learn for Business and the Hospitality Industry”, by Beata Lobertreau, a …

By Aimee Tejeda Lunn
Aimee Tejeda Lunn Employer Relations Manager
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Featured Resources

As a college student, you are a target for scammers. They know that you are young, potentially inexperienced, and may …

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