LinkedIn Article: 5 Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn for International Students

With the academic workload easing up for most students, the summer presents an opportunity to bolster your professional social media presence on LinkedIn.  As a WSU Coug, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for expanding your professional network and discovering new career paths.  If you’re yet to embark on your LinkedIn journey, this ASCC resource is a great starting point to help you start a profile.

Additionally, in support of international students, Argo D from Brunel University London shares some key initial tips for international students in the LinkedIn article, “Five Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn for International Students”. As an events team lead, he offered the following quick tips:

  1. “Do not randomly hit the like or the share button.”
  2. “Do not randomly ask people directly for a job.”
  3. “Do keep your profile complete and up-to-date.”
  4. “Keep posting your milestones.”
  5. “Focus on adding more professionals and fewer casual friends.”

In the article, they go into each tip, giving examples and suggestions.  It’s quick read so check the full article on LinkedIn here.

By Aimee Tejeda Lunn
Aimee Tejeda Lunn Employer Relations Manager