Handshake for Employers

Recruiting at WSU

Handshake is Washington State University’s free online employment resource website for students, alumni, and employers. Our mission is to connect students and alumni to professional full-time, part-time, internship, and on-campus employment opportunities globally through this system. We are proud of the important role we play in connecting students and employers, and we carefully cultivate employer partnerships. We recommend employers read the recruitment protocols and employer registration guidelines at Washington State University.

Create an account on Handshake to start recruiting students!

For detailed instructions on setting up an employer account on Handshake, please watch this short video.

Requirements for Employers Creating a Handshake Account

  • All employers must represent an established organization and have a credible website
  • Employers’ account email must match the organization’s website domain name. This measure is set in place to protect our students and your organization. Generic email addresses, such as Gmail, Hot Mail, Outlook, etc., cannot be accepted.
  • Missing, inaccurate, or illegitimate information in your registration form could result in a declined Handshake account request.
  • Private parties (i.e., someone unassociated with an established organization for personal employment) cannot be accepted.
  • Employers who do not conform to Washington State law will not be accepted.

Student information accessed by employers through the Handshake system may not be sold or otherwise distributed. To learn more about employer handshake features, click here.

Access to Handshake services, including job postings, are granted at the discretion of ASCC staff members. The use of Handshake for job postings, event participation, or other recruitment activities are not rights guaranteed to any employer. Please contact employer@wsu.edu if you have specific questions.