How Does Attending Career Expo Help You to Land a Job or Internship?

Well…honestly, it is really the main reason for a person to attend this type of event!

According to Career Fair Plus, attending an event like the WSU Career Expo & Technical Fair offers you a powerful opportunity to present yourself to potential employers, make a good impression and even get an interview. Isn’t that what everyone in the job market wants? Networking is the name of the game—always. Even if you are not offered a position at the time, you will still be a name with a face and a story. YOUR story! Your ability to make personal contact at the expo will put you miles ahead of someone else just searching for the same company online.

In addition, our career expo is a powerful tool to leverage the connection between your professional interests and WSU alumni who are there to high-grade Cougs into their roles in the workforce! Many companies send graduates to represent their hiring interests. Alumni at the in-person event will all be wearing a red ribbon. Alumni in the virtual event will be encouraged to state they are WSU alumni in their name descriptions. Meeting these representatives can provide great insight into the workforce and increase the chances you have of getting a great professional start!

There will be 72 employers at our virtual fair on Oct. 3 and over 200 at our Oct. 4 in-person event. This will be the largest gathering of organizations this year. Many are even seeking individuals for management training positions—and that kind of opportunity does not grow on trees! Getting an early start on your search in this rich environment can definitely increase the options you will have to consider.

If I were you, I would hightail it down to the ASCC (Academic Success and Career Center) to get my resume reviewed, polish up my elevator pitch and visit the Cougar Closet to make sure I had just the right attire to make a fantastic first impression——and you may well land that job you have had your eye on before you graduate!

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By Judy Hopkins