Genetic Sciences

Genetic Sciences Thermo Fisher Scientific

United States

Analyze diagnostic data from Real-time PCR tests with Thermo Fisher

Are you interested in exploring a career in genetic sciences?

Life Sciences: Biology Research

Life Sciences: Biology Research LifeArc

United States

Discover Biology Research at LifeArc!

Welcome to our programme! We are so excited to have you here.

LifeArc started out …

Knowledge Team – Client Focus

Knowledge Team – Client Focus BCG

United States

Advise your client, SuperCo, on how to achieve net-zero carbon emissions with BCG’s Knowledge Team

Welcome to BCG’s Knowledge Team …

Off-Premise Sales

Off-Premise Sales Red Bull

United States

Prepare recommendations for growing a key off-premise sales account at Red Bull

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Cybersecurity Mastercard

United States

Explore a day in the life of a Security Analyst at Mastercard!

Welcome to Mastercard’s Cybersecurity Virtual Experience Program! We …


Cybersecurity JPMorgan Chase & Co.

United States

Glimpse into the World of Cybersecurity

With technology becoming more advanced than ever before, so are ways for hackers to …


Consultant Accenture Nordics

United States

Are you ready to develop your talents? This is your chance to explore your skills in real case scenarios.

At …

Professional Skills Development

Professional Skills Development Two Sigma

United States

Develop non-technical skills that are essential for your professional effectiveness: planning projects, prioritizing goals, tracking progress, managing stakeholder expectations, and …

Work Ready Skills

Work Ready Skills GradConnection/DBL

United States

Developing soft skills virtually.

Work-readiness skills are the behavioural skills that enable students to transition effectively into the world of …