Class registration

Priority registration for Spring classes opened Monday, November 6th. If you have yet to meet with your advisors now is the perfect time to schedule that appointment. We encourage students to schedule appointments with their advisors as soon as possible because seats get full in a matter of days.

If you are uncertain of what steps you need to take to ensure a place in the course, look no further, you will find a list of steps to help you get ready for your advising appointment below.

Most advisors will have an attachment link to the emails they send you, in it will be the options to choose between what your major and minor are, and what classes are recommended to you based on your major. If that is not an option for you, WSU has a course catalog (The Washington State University General Catalog ( for all campuses in which you are able to search courses based on interest and majors. Once you have a list or idea of courses offered to you, the next step would be logging into your “” go to Manage Classes, and to your left, you should find “Class Search and Enroll”. Here you will be able to type the course name and have the option to add it to your shopping cart, enroll, or add it to the waitlist in case it is already full. 

The reason why we encourage students to add classes to their shopping cart or even enroll in the courses is to secure a spot in the class. Some classes have limited seats which not all students can take during one semester, do not feel discouraged if you are on the waitlist because oftentimes people drop the course or they may be saving it as a second option.

If the class is already full, we also encourage you to send an email to the Professor so you do not miss out on any information in case you get into the course. Oftentimes you will find that Professors are quite understanding and will allow you to sit in during the first week. 

By Cristal Resendiz-Ramos
Cristal Resendiz-Ramos Intern: Academic Coach