logo for the etiquette dinner showing students talking

The Academic Success and Career Center is starting off the new year with a focus on our students’ career and professional development with the Etiquette Dinner. January 29.


“The dinner will teach you how to have a professional, polite and friendly entrance, and how to engage in a genuine and thoughtful way,” said David Postforoosh, Talent Acquisition Manager with Enterprise Holdings, one of the sponsors of the Etiquette Dinner. “Understanding the basics of dining etiquette can really set you up for success in these situations.” 


This event gives students an early exposure to a professional dinner setting, and will guide them through how to navigate a complicated meal with multiple utensils. Students will practice networking and socializing while they learn the rules of etiquette from presenter Dennis Bussell, General Manager at Cintas Corporation.


“Etiquette is useful for both personal life situations as well as professionally,” Postforoosh said. “If you’re having a dinner meeting for a promotional opportunity at work, or perhaps with a client, leaving a great impression is key. Most companies are looking for individuals that will have a positive impact on their company culture.”


Learning these skills at the Etiquette Dinner alleviates some of the stresses and nervousness that comes with initial introductions and handshakes, something that can set students apart at the upcoming Career Expo on February 4.


Students are able to pick their table host, that include faculty, staff, community members, and the WSU President and First Lady. Registration is done through Handshake, and includes submitting a resume. The resumes will be used by table hosts as conversation starters and to better research their table guests ahead of time.


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David Postforoosh, recruiter with Enterprise Holdings, speaks with a student at the Fall 2019 Career Expo and VCEA Technical Fair.