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Summer Session

Summer Session


Total New Student Process: Before Alive



Cancelling Enrollment:


Deferring Admissions:


Missed Alive:

    • Contact New Student Programs
      • 509-335-4242 or e-mail


Alive Corrections: for advisors

Re-visiting Alive Advising Submissions: Session ____

Good morning,

The following data comes from advisor submissions from Alive session __ and will need your clarification.

  • The student has a NON-CER PB code and we cannot change those. If the student was applied to WSU as a non-cert post-bacc student on accident versus an undergrad degree seeking student. We cannot make that code change and the Registrar will have to assist. For now, just only the advisor was added to the account.
  • We are discouraged against admitting to major on behalf of other department’s requests, for now only the AI was used.
  • Student was admitted to first major, but the ASCC is not able to admit an additional major/minor and the RO form will be needed. Please fill out the “Student Program Plan Action Form” at the following link:

For now, just only the secondary advisor was added to the account.