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Set up Advising/Success Coaching Appointments – Navigate

*Please remember we are not able to make same day appointments!
  1. Ask the student if their advisor is in this department (the ASCC only)
    1. If the advisor does not work in the ASCC– direct them to their academic advisor by looking them up in MyWSU. Give them their advisor’s contact info Dymo label if they are in-person.
    2. If the advisor does work in the ASCC, proceed with these instructions
  2. If the student’s advisor is in the ASCC, access SSC Navigate to create a new appointment.
  3. Enter the student’s ID Number in the ‘Enter Student Name’ box.
    1. (The student’s name should appear in a drop-down bar – if not, they may not be an active student/not enrolled, or not assigned an advisor)
  4. Click the Date bar and a small calendar will appear. To find availability, start with tomorrow’s date.
  5. Open appointment slots will appear in a purely white space on their calendar.
    1. If you do not see an all-white space, this advisor may not have availability at the selected time.
    2. If there are no purely white slots, choose a new date on the small calendar and reload for each day you select.
  6. Once you’ve found an open appointment that works for both the student and advisor, hover over the blank white slot. Be sure to select even 30-minute time slots.
    1. A dialogue box will appear titled ‘create an advising appointment’.
  7. Choose the reason for appointment and include any comments.
  8. Lastly, click Save Appointment (blue box on the bottom right of the dialogue box) and the appointment will be created.
    1. You may check Outlook to make sure that the Navigate appointment appeared.