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Set up Advising/Success Coaching Appointments – Bookings

First, login to Microsoft Teams.

Ask the student if their advisor is in this department (the ASCC only)

If the advisor does not work in the ASCC– direct them to their academic advisor by looking them up in MyWSU. Give them their advisor’s contact info Dymo label if they are in-person.

If the advisor does work in the ASCC, proceed with these instructions



            Click on Calendar on the left side

            Click on Bookings above the weekly calendar

It will take you to one of the Calendars you have access to.

            To look at another ASCC advisor’s calendar, you are going to need to manually look it up

            Click on the top highlighted, in this case, “ASCC-Advising with Ruth Ryan”

                        Click on Existing booking calendar



Type in “ASCC” in the search, and press enter

            All the ASCC advisors should appear.

            Click on the advisor you want to make an appointment for



If you click on the date, the calendar for the whole month will appear. Pick the week you want to make the appointment on.

Note: Don’t make an appointment on the same day unless the advisor says it is okay. Instead make an appointment one day in advance.



Once you have picked a day, you can see the all the meetings/tasks that an advisor has on that given day.

Their Outlook calendar is sync with bookings, so it is up to date and you can pick a time when they are free.

Open availability will appear in a purely white space on their calendar



Once you pick a time, you will need to fill out all info that is highlighted below. Almost all advising meetings are typically 30min and by default it will put it for 30min.

Note: Be sure to unclick on “Make this Teams meeting” because it is turned on by default. You will want to turn this off, as students do not have Microsoft teams.

When everything is filled out you can click Send and you are done. It will send notifications to both the advisor and the student. It will also show up in their outlook calendar as well.





How to Cancel an Appointment on Bookings


First you will want to go to the specific date and time of the appointment.

Click on the appointment


You will want to click “Cancel Booking” in the highlighted below


Then type in reason for cancellation and submit

            Ex: No longer can attend, Must cancel due to class etc..

To reschedule, you would just change the date/time and click on send update top right side next to the “Close”. Make sure you pick a time and date they have an availability.