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Resumes and Cover Letters

Resume reviews available from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday at the ASCC.

Bring in your resume for a closer look by one of our peer facilitators during our drop-in hours. They can help you fine-tune your resume to make it work for you.

The Resume Coloring Book Website. A New Resource for you, let's get started.

Is your resume getting you interviews? Over 90% of people using The Resume Coloring Book format, do.

Washington State University is on the cutting edge regarding the Resume and Cover Letter resources we provide! WSU is the first university to launch The Resume Coloring Book as an on-line resource. We are partnering with the author and founder of Degrees of Transition, Lea McCloud, to bring you this resource (view Lea’s LinkedIn).

A coloring book for your resume?

Yes, a coloring book for your resume!

It’s probably been a while since you picked up crayons and colored in a book. So you might be wondering why we’re encouraging you to use one to develop your resume and other job tools.

When we write resumes, we find that a clear and simple approach is highly effective. In fact, over 90% of Resume Coloring Book clients get interviews, often within days, of revamping their resumes with this methodology.

It’s a simple idea to illustrate a resume and other documents using color-coded pieces that all fit together. It’s a lighthearted and step-by-step approach to what is often viewed as an overwhelming and intimidating task.

We have made it available to you so that you can feel confident with every resume you write!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log-in with your Network ID and password
  2. Provide some basic information
  3. Confirm your e-mail address
  4. Receive your Resume Coloring Book username and password

If you are an alumni of WSU and do not have a Network ID and Password, please create a Friend ID.

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