WSU Career Expos for Employers

The WSU Career Expos are tri-annual events hosted by the Academic Success and Career Center every Fall and Spring semester. These events aim to connect WSU candidates with our employer partners and their full-time jobs or internships.

The WSU Career Expo events are hosted virtually, via the Handshake Platform, and in-person on the Pullman campus at Beasley Coliseum. Employers and students have the option of participating in either in-person, virtual events, or at both events (hybrid). All WSU Majors attend the Career Expos. If you could include at your booth the majors that you would like to talk to, that would be very helpful for students as they make their way around the fair!

Employer Registration

Spring 2023 Employer Registration is now open on Handshake:

Virtual Career Expo: Spring Fair

When: Monday, February 6, 2023 | 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. PDT

Cost: $250 (Standard Registration

Where: Hosted Virtually In Handshake

*Hybrid Career Expo: Spring Fair

(Closed- Hybrid registration at capacity)

Monday, February 6, 2023 | 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. PDT
Tuesday, February 7, 2023 | 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. PDT

$650 (Standard Registration)
$1100 (Premium Registration)

Where: Hosted Virtually In Handshake and at Beasley Coliseum (Pullman)*Employers must register for virtual and in-person fairs to receive a $100 discount. See details below.

In-Person Career Expo: Spring Fair

(Closed- In-person registration at capacity)

When: Tuesday, February 7, 2023 | 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. PDT

$550 (Standard Registration)
$1000 (Premium Registration)

Where: Hosted At Beasley Coliseum (Pullman)

Want to take your visit to the next level? Consider joining us this season as a Premier Career Expo employer. Please note that for branding order proposes, this opportunity closes on December 14.


  • In-person Fair on 2/7: $1000
  • Hybrid Fair on 2/6 & 2/7: $1150

The premier in-person/hybrid registration includes the following:

  • Premier table location at In-person fair (one of the first 13 tables at the in-person fair — Log into Handshake and click here to see our event table map)
  • Logo on swag given to all students
  • Recognition on all promotions and website
  • Curbside Parking (1 vehicle only)
  • One 8-ft table with table linen and two chairs.
  • Lunch for two recruiters
  • Wireless internet, receipt, and storage of pre-shipped display materials
  • One table for optional student interviewing the following day.

If you are bringing more than two representatives, please select and indicate those details under “extra item options” when you register your group on Handshake.


  • Virtual Fair on 2/6: $250
  • In-person Fair on 2/7: $550
  • Hybrid Fair on 2/6 & 2/7: $700

The standard in-person/hybrid registration includes the following:

  • One 8-ft table with table linen and two chairs.
  • Lunch for two recruiters
  • One parking pass
  • Wireless internet, receipt, and storage of pre-shipped display materials
  • One table for optional student interviewing the following day.

If you are bringing more than two representatives, please select and indicate those details under “extra item options” when you register your group on Handshake. Regular registration for virtual and in-person closes on January 18.

  • In order to participate in the hybrid option, a company MUST register for BOTH the In-person fair AND the Virtual fair.
  • Once a company is registered and approved for BOTH the in-person AND the Virtual Career Expo, ASCC will discount $100 from the virtual fair. The total standard registration cost to attend both fairs adds up to $700 combined (instead of $800 & without add-ons) and $1150 for premium employers (instead of $1250 & without add-ons).

Additional Event Information

  • In-person capacity has been reached when there are no more available registration types. The best next step is registering for the virtual Career Expo via the Handshake platform. Career Expo employer registration closes on January 18, 2023, for BOTH virtual and in-person fairs.
  • You can request to be added to the In-person waitlist as a first-come, first-served request by emailing us at Please include the Company name, the name of the primary contact, and the main contact’s email address with your message.
  • IMPORTANT: Being waitlisted does not guarantee that you have secured a table at the WSU Career Expo. Please do not plan to travel to the Expo unless the WSU career team has confirmed that registration is available and forwarded an updated invoice.

  • As part of fostering both new and continuing relationships with our Career Expo employers this season, we wanted to offer a series of webinars for your team to attend in preparation for the Virtual Career Expo on February 6 and the In-person Fair on February 7. Each type of session as repeated content you only need to attend one.
  • These webinars will be hosted over Zoom. Please note that all employer registrants must have a zoom account (free, personal, or company) to attend this series.

WSU Employer Success Series: Preparing for Virtual or In-Person Expo

Is this your first WSU Career Expo or the 10th?  Join Career Expo staff as they share the best practices for preparing before and after the Career Expo, suggestions for effective virtual or in-person Expo experiences, and brand-building tips for your team.

WSU Employer Success Series: Hiring International Students

Looking to connect with even more Cougs? Ever considered internships for international students? Join Nitivia Jones, the International Student Advisor at the WSU Office of International Programs to learn about this WSU student program and how to create inclusive opportunities to attract students to your virtual or in-person Expo booth.

Regarding our cancelation policy, organizations can only receive a full refund if you cancel your reservation on or before Wednesday, January 18, 2023, for the career fair on February 6 & 7. This policy is due to event logistics, marketing, and expenses already being in motion leading up to the fair.

All WSU events, including all In-person Career Expos, are subject to the President’s or designee’s declarations regarding inclement weather cancellations. As a campus, the safety of our students, staff, and guests is of the utmost precedence. If WSU shuts down to inclement weather, the Career Expo team will communicate any event cancelations to employer registrants as soon as we receive a notification.

The WSU Career team will not be able to issue any refunds due to an inclement weather cancelation, as event logistics, marketing, and expenses are already in motion leading up to the fair.

If you need to reach the WSU Career Expo team regarding inclement weather inquiries, email us at For full details on WSU’s Inclement Weather policy, visit the WSU Police Department’s inclement weather page.

We greatly value your partnership and look forward to connecting you with our students this season. Please let us know if you would be interested in holding a recruitment or networking event for students. Information sessions, workshops, resume reviews, and panel sessions are great ways to engage with students interested in your company’s opportunities. For more information on how to engage with WSU before and after the fairs, please refer to our Engage with WSU resource.

Questions? Email

Preparing for the Virtual Expo

  • Once on Handshake, please select your registration type as “Virtual.”
  • Once registered, company teams need to set up virtual ten-minute 1:1 sessions and/or 30-minute group sessions. Create employer schedules as soon as your representatives have been identified. Career Fair registration will open to students shortly after employer registration opens.
  • We recommend having just 2-4 representatives participate in the event’s totality. For a 3-hour event, for example, one representative could technically host up to 18 back-to-back 1:1 sessions or 6 back-to-back 30-minute sessions (without a break).
  • We recommend that representatives plan for breaks between 1:1 or group sessions and indicate that in their fair schedule.
  • We recommend your teams engage with the WSU student leading up to your WSU visit. For more information on how to engage with WSU before and after the fairs, please refer to our Engage with WSU resource.

Preparing for the In-Person Expo

  • The in-person fair is set up in alphabetical orderLog into Handshake and click here to see our event table map.
  • Premier Employers are placed in alphabetical order in front of the student check area (the first 13 tables). All regular registrations will be placed in alphabetical order following the premier employer partners section.
  • The in-person fair in Beasley Coliseum will follow any up-to-date CDC and Washington State COVID-19 guidelines. Please note any updates in ASCC communications.
  • Please arrive at the designated check-in times and locations. Details will be emailed out to registered employers only.
  • Wifi access will be provided at Expo for representatives.  Power supply to the table will be provided by request.
  • Additional representative registrations, lunches, and parking passes are available at additional costs. Please communicate any updates to no later than two weeks before the event.
  • Your team needs to send it to the address listed in our communication. Beasley gets those containers and will place them at the appropriate tables once we have assignments for him.

  • Parking is limited. Please carpool, ride share or use hotel shuttles as much as possible on each Expo Day.
  • Your parking permit will allow you to park in any GREEN 5 lot surrounding Beasley Coliseum.
  • Your parking permit will be emailed to your registrant. Please forward this information to the attending representatives. If you have not received it or have a different representative attending in-person events that have not been listed in the company registration, a parking kiosk will be available at the assigned Employer check-in table.

The Career Expo Team will reach out to registered in-person employers about the opportunity of having On-Campus Next day interviews. The location of the interviews will depend on the number of requests received. These details will be determined closer to the event and confirmed via email.

More Details

  • On-Campus Next-day interviews will happen the Wednesday following the in-person fair.
  • Interviews begin at 8:00 AM or when your team schedules them with your candidates.
  • Possible Location A: Beasly Coliseum -You will have a table ( 8ft) requested with an appropriate amount of chairs on the concourse of Beasley Coliseum.
  • Possible Location B: ASCC office at Lighty Hall Student Services- You will be placed in an interview room or staff office to conduct your in-person interviews.
  • Employer Companies will be placed in alphabetical order if in location A.
  • Attending employers set up/coordinate their own interviews.
  • Food will not be provided, but you can refer to the WSU Dining Services website for information about on-campus food locations.
  • While conduct in-person interviews, we will have a staffed check-in space and kiosk available for students as they arrive.
  • Parking Passes will be provided to participating employers.

Displays and recruiting materials may be shipped to the Beasley Coliseum in advance of your arrival.

  • Materials should be shipped to:
    • Your Organization Name
    • Beasley Coliseum
    • Attn: Shawn S. Paulson
    • Washington State University
    • 925 NE Fairway Road
    • Pullman, WA 99164-1710
  • Materials must be clearly marked with both your organization name and WSU Career Expo. It is important that you allow for an extra delivery day, as all campus mail is first received by Central Receiving and then delivered around campus to its final destination. As long as your material is labeled correctly, it will be at your booth when you arrive at the event.

  • The Career Expo will schedule a pick-up by FedEx Express (not FedEx Ground) on the day of Expo. All materials must be appropriately packaged, and all return paperwork (billing information or account number) must be complete on your shipping label. Please bring your own shipping material; we will not have any on hand. When packaged, please bring all materials to be shipped back to the employer registration table (the north end of the coliseum). Please refrain from bringing materials before 3:00 p.m., which is when the expo ends.
  • If you would like to use another carrier, you MUST make your own arrangements. Please schedule a pick-up at the north entrance of Beasley Coliseum by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the expo.
  • For shipping back, we will have two areas for Shipping Drop-Offs. Employers can leave their shipped items, and Fed Ex will come to pick them up the next day. Please note we do not work with UPS. If you coordinate with UPS, you must make your own arrangements.

  • Hilltop Inn, 928 NW Olsen St, (509) 332-0928
  • Holiday Inn Express, 1190 SE Bishop Blvd, (509) 334-4437
  • Quality Inn – Paradise Creek, 1400 SE Bishop Blvd, (509) 332-0500
  • Residence Inn Marriott, 1255 NE North Fairwood Rd, (509) 332-4400

  • Best Western Plus University Inn, 1516 W Pullman Rd, (208) 882-0550
    The Best Western Plus University Inn in Moscow, Idaho sometimes offers a discount for recruiters attending the University of Idaho or WSU Career Fairs. Government rates are also available with valid identification. Please call the hotel directly to inquire.