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Resources for Students with Disabilities

The Academic Success & Career Center wants to support you and the variety of unique challenges that arise while navigating the career planning and job search process.  Handshake is our job platform at the ASCC and we can help you use it to investigate companies, design a profile that showcases your abilities, and practice your potential disclosure script.

Disabilities and the Interviewing Process

“Tell Us About A Time When You Overcame a Challenge…” Being yourself and being comfortable to be yourself on your resume, cover letter, or in an interview is one of the areas our career coaches can help you feel out and develop for your work readiness. A disability can feel like a weakness to hide or it can feel like a process that you have learned to live with and potentially master much like working in difficult, stressful environments – an attribute that employers want in their recruits.

Workplace Accommodations

Knowing when to ask for accommodation, and understanding that it is a legally protected request, is all well and good for anyone who can speak up for themselves in the moment. However, it can hard for a lot of us to find our voice during the hiring process. Our career coaches can help you practice broaching that conversation with an employer.  Checking with employees who work for an organization about flexible work schedules and the work from home policies can help inform your decision and approach for talking with the organization about accommodations.

ADA: Your Employment Rights as an Individual With a Disability

Disclosing a Disability

Our career coaches can work with you to talk about if and when it might be best to disclose a disability to an employer.  We can work with you to build up your confidence and also to investigate an employers dedication to previous hires. 

Requesting accommodations is often accompanied with disclosing a disability and there a few different methods that you can use to approach the topic.

  • Disclose at initial application for the job 
  • Disclose during interview
  • Disclose after hire

We can help you identify the best time to disclose and help you design a disclosure script to role-play and practice for the process.

Setup a meeting with a career coach: Appointments