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Resources for Students of Color

Resources for Students of Color

The Academic Success & Career Center will strive to help build and identify supportive, inclusive, and affirming organizations that every Coug will be able feel at home at.  Our career coaches can work with you to look over a company and see their dedication to diversity.  We can also help develop your resume showcasing your unique background as it relates to the job duties and organizations mission statement.

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Highlight Your Background

Profile building in Handshake is a medium we can coach you on and how to design your profile so that you can highlight your life and what employers should expect when they meet with you.

Understanding multicultural awareness and codeswitching is listed as a core aspect in the National Career Development Association and we want to help you display those skills on your resume and during your interview.

Evaluate Employers and Their Support For Diversity

Major employers will have a LinkedIn and that is a strong place to look at for noting if a company seems supportive of diversity.  While the organization’s LinkedIn account may talk about support multiculturalism the staff already hired will definitely show you the organization’s commitment to honoring diversity and new perspectives.

Alumni Advice

Cougs in the organization can be a great resource for finding out how supportive an organization is.  While checking out the organization on LinkedIn you will see each employee’s profile and their background education.  Reaching out via LinkedIn, a work email, or Handshake is something that we can help coach you on and work together to see how best to approach getting information from someone.

Industry visits to find a mentor can also serve as a chance to see the organization in operation and see what information and attributes the organization is looking for in its’ candidates.

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