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Cougar Peace Corps Prep Certificate Program

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What is Peace Corps Prep at WSU?

If you are interested in serving in the Peace Corps after graduation, the Cougar Peace Corps Prep Certificate Program (CP3) is designed just for you! In 2015, the Academic Success and Career Center (ASCC) and the Office of International Programs (IP) partnered with the Peace Corps to bring Peace Corps Prep to WSU! CP3 combines academic coursework, hands-on experience, intercultural skills, and leadership development to enable you to be a strong applicant for the Peace Corps service area that fits your interests and skills, as well as enables you to earn WSU’s Global Leadership Certificate!

CP3 will help you develop a perspective and acquire the skills needed to achieve success as a leader serving in communities abroad. As a CP3 participant, you will have the opportunity to develop your foreign language skills, gain leadership, and professional development experience. Although participation in the Cougar Peace Corps Prep Certificate Program does not guarantee that you will be accepted for the Peace Corps service, the specialized academic coursework and service experience will make you a strong candidate.

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Why should I participate in CP3?

  • Prepare yourself to make a difference in the world!
  • Gain competitive professional development and valuable career skills
  • Have an opportunity to serve communities at home and abroad
  • Identify yourself as a global leader
  • Earn a Peace Corps Prep certificate from the Peace Corps
  • Have an opportunity to earn WSU’s Global Leadership Certificate

What do I need to do?

  • Read the CP3 Student Guide
  • Speak with people who you know and your global interests, such as:
    • The WSU Peace Corps Recruiter
    • Your academic advisor and other academic/career mentors
    • Global Learning for an appointment to begin planning your CP3 program!
  • Apply to the CP3

What is the difference between the CP3 and WSU’s Global Leadership Certificate?

There are many similarities between the CP3 and the Global Leadership Certificate. These include academic coursework, experiential learning, gaining intercultural competencies, and developing skills to make a difference in the world both at home and abroad!

The Peace Corps Prep Certificate will enable you to earn the Global Leadership Certificate, but there are important differences between the two. Students who met the requirements for the Global Leadership Certificate will not meet all of the requirements for the CP3. Students who complete the CP3 will earn a Global Leadership Certificate by selecting compatible coursework.

The following information identifies key similarities and differences between the CP3 and the Global Leadership Certificate:

CP3 & GLC Differences


Additional Questions? Please Contact:

Jacob Babb, Advisor

Global Learning, International Programs

Washington State University

(509) 335-3867

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