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Washington State University
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Parker Dewey Micro Internships

Parker Dewey supports college-to-career transitions in a way that helps you right now

Micro-Internships help companies get immediate support while identifying and evaluating candidates for future hiring needs.


Our Micro-Internships program connects students to our diverse network
of companies and organizations to take on professional, paid, short-term
assignments year-round. As a complement to existing campus recruiting efforts
and semester-long internships, Micro-Internships provide opportunities for
Career Launchers to demonstrate their skills, develop relationships, and explore
career paths, while providing real value to businesses.

Get Professional Experience Now

Micro-Internships allow students to apply to short-term, professional assignments,
while also allowing companies to identify and assess highly motivated college
students and recent graduate for fit should there be full-time opportunities. Unlike
traditional internships, these paid opportunities typically range from 5 to 40 hours of
work, can be completed year-round, and help students develop career skills while
getting paid.


Get Hired

Companies have recognized that major and GPA alone do not predict career
success or fit. Unlike assessments, video interviews, algorithms, and other
applicant screening technology, Micro-Internships improve hiring effectiveness by
allowing companies to authentically evaluate a Career Launcher’s skills and work
ethic upfront. Both employers and candidates win by having an opportunity to do
actual work with one another before committing to an internship or full-time role.


Micro-Internship Benefits

• Develop your career skills

• Work with diverse companies and people

• Get hired

• Evaluate companies to ensure mutual fit

• Support academic outcome

Get Started Now!