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Supporting yourself and your University with an on-campus job

Student Employment

Washington State University offers a variety of on-campus positions to its student population. We value our student workers and honor their commitments academically and professionally, making the best fit for student schedules in and out of the classroom. Students can apply directly to on-campus jobs through Handshake, the student job site. 

Build your professional network 

For many students, this may be some of their first experience having a job. It can be daunting or intimidating, but you’ll be working with other people in the same position as you, and turning to other student employees who have been there before for help. These coworkers are part of your team, but they can also help you expand your professional network. Any of your supervisors or coworkers could serve as a reference in the future for another job. 

Gain transferable skills and experience

No matter where you are working, you will be gaining new knowledge and experiences that you can use to sell yourself on your resume. Lexi Johnson worked with Dining Services as a student and attributes the leadership she gained working on-campus to landing her a full time job after graduation. You can hear about her experience in the video below.

Check on Handshake for on-campus jobs