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Meet Your Student Employment Coordinator

Alena Hume

The opportunity to help students along their life paths, and encourage them to make college-career connections, is top priority for WSU Student Employment Coordinator Alena M. Hume. With more than 20 years of first-hand experience, she appreciates that devoting time and energy to a position requires high levels of commitment. She also understands the importance of securing a job that is a good fit for both the employee as well as the employer.  Before joining WSU staff in 2019, Hume built her own robust resume. She worked in a medical company, served as a school counselor and career advisor, and volunteered extensively. She founded and operates a counseling services firm. Over the past two decades, she purposely aimed to gain technology skills, develop organizational abilities, serve as a team leader and member, manage employees, and interact with the public. All of that experience helps her better serve students and employers in her current position.


  “My goal is to assist students in finding jobs that connect employment to academics. Student employment  enhances students personal and professional goals while gaining tools to be successful.”


  Alena earned a BS in Psychology from the University of Idaho and an MA in Counseling from Adams State University. She is a lifelong resident of the Pullman region, known as “the Palouse.” 


Alena Hume