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myWSU Records updates

Plan Change

A plan change is when a student is being switching from a non-admitted major interest to a different non-admitted major interest, note where the request is coming from: student or advisor.

  1. Click on Main Menu
  2. Click Records and enrollment
  3. Click Career and Program information
  4. Click Student Program/Plan
    1. Type in Student ID number with a leading Zero
    2. If the student returns more than once, pick the top line, most recent “Student Career Nbr” that is “Active in Program”
  5. Be sure the student is a Pullman campus student
    1. If they are NOT a Pullman student, please reach out to make sure you are able to make the update. Not many but some advisors advise for other Campus’ outside of Pullman.
  6. Add a new stack to make the Program change. In the top box click the +, this will clear out the “Program Action” and “Action Reason” so that we can admit the student to major.
  7. Click on the magnifying glass to look up program action
    1. Plan Change (PLNC)
    2. The following are the most common “Action Reasons” we will used in order of commonality
      1. Change per Advisor (ADVS)
      2. Change per Student (SREQ)
      3. Alive/Trans Reg Day (ALIV)
      4. Processing Error (PERR)
  8. Now select the “Student Plan” tab
  9. Click the magnifying glass for Academic Plan, click “description” to sort alphabetically and use ONLY “P0000” codes
  10. Click Save
  11. ADD appropriate advisor to account
  12. Click on Main Menu
  13. Click on Records and enrollment
  14. Click on Student Background
  15. Click on Information
  16. Click on Student Advisor
  17. Click on the Top right+ square to add a new stack date just like you did for the program change
  18. Academic Plan information will become “not active” Click magnifying glass to add information back in. There should only be one option.
  19. Add the appropriate advisor by looking up by last name
    1. Be sure to make note of previous advisor and current advisor so that when you email the change is completed ALL advisor are in the communication loop on their student.
  20. Select and Click Save