Join the NYU Teacher Residency for a live event this month where we help non-education majors understand the basics of how to become a well-trained, licensed K-12 teacher without necessarily having studied education before. Join me, our Resident Recruitment Manager, as we take a look at topics relevant to folks considering a career in teaching who are struggling to know where to begin.   Questions we’ll address include:    What’s the difference between elementary and secondary education, both professionally and practically?   How can I determine what my (non-education) undergraduate degree will permit me to teach in the places I’d like to live?     How can I gain the experience I’d need to understand if teaching is a good path for me, ideally in a way that would be appealing to education programs or K-12 schools?     I’ll be facilitating the discussion as a non-traditional teacher with personal experience navigating the professional and logistical challenges of taking the alternate route to teaching. The goal of this session is to help provide context in an open discussion setting, which means that we’ll follow an outline of topics but leave plenty of room for impromptu questions and discussion.     I hope to see you there!

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