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Academic Success and Career Center Cultivating Successful Scholars and Professionals

Etiquette Dinner

Learn professional practices 

The Academic Success and Career Center invites students to attend the annual Etiquette Dinner each Spring semester. This free event is designed to teach students how to present themselves in a professional setting. Students will practice networking skills, learn how to dress for an interview, and learn how to manage a business dinner when they meet prospective employers. This training event is especially relevant for juniors and seniors who are preparing for their job and internship search, and it helps students prepare to speak with employers at the WSU Career Expo which takes place both Fall and Spring semesters! Watch for these important dates on our website and Handshake!

January 29, 2020

5:30 pm to 8:00 pm


Registration is now open on Handshake. Please apply to the following job

You can then choose a table host and their corresponding table from the map below. On the 29th, We will be doing pre-check ins to help you skip the line at check in during the event. Come to the 160 Suite of the ASCC  from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and we will confirm your seating arrangement. 


If you have any questions or issues, please contact Tyler Barstow at


Table 1 Sue Gill, Department of Accounting Table 6: Ashley Kuznia, Career Consultant at Carson Center Table 13: Sonia Lopez, Languages, Culture and Race
Table 2: Arlene Parkay, CAS Recruitment and Retention Specialist

Table 7: David Postforoosh, Enterprise Holdings

Table 14: Terry Slosson, Cintas
Table 3: Jill Creighton, Dean of Students Table 8: Michael Highfell, Director of Student Success Initiatives Table 15: Waylon Safranski, Transfer Clearinghouse
Table 4: Ruth Gregory, Assistant Director of DTC Table 9: Kirk Schulz, WSU President Table 16: André-Denis Girard Wright, Dean of CAHNRS 
Table 5: Rafael Pruneda, CAMP Table 10: Terese King, Executive Director of Advising Table 17: Noel Schulz, School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
  Table 11: April Seehafer, Director of Distinguished Scholarship program Table 18: Richard Zach, Associate Dean for Academic Programs, CAHNRS
  Table 12: Leanne Ralstin, Carson College of Business Table 19: Chris Anderson, College Hill Custom Threads


Table 20: Byron Gregory, HPSC Table 26 Brian Dixon, Asst VP SFS  
Table 21: Tony Poston, College Hill Custom Threads Table 27 Michael Heim, Camp  
Table 22: Gail Gearhiser, Irwin, Myklebust, Savage and Brown Table 28: Jake Murray, Human Resource Services  
Table 23: Maria de Jesus Dixon, CSF Programs, Advisor Table 29: Marie Dymkoski, Director of Pullman Chamber  
Table 24: Theresa Elliott-Cheslek, Chief Human Resource Officer Table 30: Kimberly Green, Director of ATL  
Table 25: Teddi Phares, Human Resource Services Table 31: Avis Stein, HPSC