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Employer Internship Responsibilities

  • Offer a true career-related experience that enhances academic learning. Hiring a student to perform busywork (data entry, filing, answering phones, etc.) is appropriate for internship experiences only when balanced with meaningful professional responsibilities. The internship serves as a link between classroom learning and practical application so it should involve the student in making decisions and learning about a field through hands-on experience.
  • Provide a position description that will describe the internship. If students are enrolling in academic credit for the internship, they may be required to complete an Internship Learning Agreement (see sample) from their academic department, which they are responsible for sharing with you. This is an opportunity for you and the student to clearly define the learning goals and job duties for the internship.
  • Appoint someone to act as a mentor/supervisor during the experience. Be sure that this person has the time to oversee the student’s performance and offer constructive feedback.
  • Provide an orientation for the student to the work site. Introduce the student to the organization, the employees, the physical layout, and the order of responsibility. Be sure the student intern knows the general philosophy and procedures of operation for the organization as a whole. Inform the intern of rules and expectations to be followed.