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Academic Success and Career Center Cultivating Successful Scholars and Professionals

Become a Coug Honored Partner

The Academic Success and Career Center supports all WSU students with the valuable information, current resources, dedicated facilities, employer connections and expert professionalism that are needed to plan their academic progress toward a degree and a career that is just right for them.

Becoming a member of the Coug Honored Partner Program, provides you with additional services and visibility options to reach WSU students and alumni while also helping us continue to enhance and extend our services.

Your annual membership of $1,500 supports program-building and key initiatives such as marketing to prospective students — efforts that guarantee you a highly qualified pool of prospective employees and interns. As our Honored Partner, you will receive:

  • Recognition on Our Lobby Flat Screens & window clings
  • Your Logo on Our Website
  • First Chance at a Prime Location During Our Career Fairs and Associated Events
  • A Highlight Each Semester on the Career Center’s Facebook Page & Social Media outlets
  • Free Parking During Your Campus Visits
  • Preferred Speaker and Panel Opportunities
  • An Opportunity to Create an “Employer Spotlight” for Our Website

Thank you Coug Honored Partners!



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