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Pullman, Washington
Courtyard Marriott 1295 NE North Fairway Road, (509) 332-1500
Hilltop Inn 928 NW Olsen St, (509) 332-0928
Holiday Inn Express 1190 SE Bishop Blvd, (509) 334-4437
Quality Inn – Paradise Creek 1400 SE Bishop Blvd, (509) 332-0500
Residence Inn Marriott 1255 NE North Fairwood Rd, (509) 332-4400
For additional accommodation information in Pullman, Washington, please contact the Pullman Chamber of Commerce at (509) 334-3565 or visit
Colfax, Washington
(18 miles from Pullman)
Best Western Wheatland Inn 701 N Main St, (509) 397-0397
For additional accommodation information in Colfax, Washington, please contact the Colfax Chamber of Commerce at (509) 397-3712 or visit
Moscow, Idaho
(8 miles from Pullman)
Best Western Plus University Inn 1516 W Pullman Road, (208) 882-0550
• Ask for the Career Expo discounted rate! (Includes full hot breakfast buffet, onsite restaurant/bar, and complimentary shuttle to/from local airport and WSU & UI Campuses)
Fairfield Inn Hotel 1000 West Pullman Road, (208) 882-4600
La Quinta Inn and Suites 185 Warbonnet Drive, (208) 882-5365
For additional accommodation information in Moscow, Idaho, please contact the Moscow Chamber of Commerce at (208) 882-1800 or visit

There are several transportation options available to get you to Pullman. While the Moscow-Pullman Regional Airport is just minutes away from campus, you’ll find more flight options (and often, cheaper prices) flying into Spokane. Click below for more information.

Moscow-Pullman Regional Airport

(Approximately 5 minutes from WSU)

Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport

(Approximately 45 minutes from WSU)

Spokane International Airport

(Approximately 90 minutes from WSU)

Ground transportation services