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Academic Success and Career Center Cultivating Successful Scholars and Professionals

Courses Offered by the ASCC

The Academic Success and Career Center teaches a variety of courses to help you with your career development at any stage. 


UNIV 100

College Majors and Career Exploration

UNIV 301

Career Exploration and Professional Development

UNIV 398

Internship Synthesis

This course covers career development and the decision making process as well as exploration of academic majors and careers. In this course you will explore different careers through various types of research and professional development work including self-assessments and preparation for entry into professional environments.  Cooperative educational internship with a business, government or non-profit organization.             



The following courses will take you through the four stages of Career Development: Assess, Explore, Engage and Launch. See how each course incorporates these steps and what you can learn in the graphic below.