The Academic Success and Career Center has launched the Don’t Cancel Class Program in an effort to connect instructors to academic coaches and improve overall student success. This program allows instructors to book a workshop on a day they know they will have to cancel their scheduled class, and one of our facilitators will guide your students through a workshop of your choice. Our workshops focus on strengthening various academic habits necessary to a successful college career.

We offer 50 or 70 minute workshops on:

  • Note Taking Strategies
  • How to Manage Your Motivation and Procrastination
  • Time Management
  • Learning & Study Strategies: How to Earn the Grades you Want!
  • Vanquishing Exams/Midterms/Finals: Strategies for Before, During, and After

In order to have adequate time to prepare your workshop, we generally ask for a two-week prior notice (requests sent with less than a two-week notice will still be reviewed). We will respond to requests within 4 business days. 


Don’t Cancel Class Program