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Academic Success and Career Center Cultivating Successful Scholars and Professionals

Current Students

Please utilize Microsoft Teams “Front Staff” or “Advising Questions” group for added resource.

  • Undergrad Advising Hold/Advising Advice
    • We cannot give advice or lift advising hold; we do not have that authority.
    • Encourage the student to make their own appointment via SCC Navigate with their assigned academic advisor:
      • If they do not know their advisor:
        • You can look them in up in the student center if you have the authority
        • Teams Program Assistant to check
        • Encourage them to Drop-in of correct department
      • If the student is an ASCC advisee, you can make the appointment yourself through SCC Navigate
      • If the student has general advising quick questions, we have drop-ins
        • Drop-ins are first come first serve
        • Not meant to replace appointment with assigned advisor if possible, AICs (Academic Improvement Conversations), SAP appeals, questions on financial aid packages, etc.
          • Business and Communication have their own Drop-ins
  • Handshake Appointment (Career)
    • Encourage the student that they can set up their own appointment on Handshake.
      • Sign into Handshake.
      • On the top right of there should be a “Career Section” button click on that.
      • It will then take you to a new page and on the left side there should be an “Appointment” button.
      • Once you click on the Appointment button, on the next page you will want to select “Academic Success and Career Center.”
    • We can schedule on their behalf
      • Sign into Handshake.
      • Go to “Appointments” under the Schedule tab on the left-hand side.
      • Once you click on the Appointment button, on the next page you will want to select “Academic Success and Career Center.”
      • Choose appointment type and then schedule
        • Zoom links will be sent out the day of the appointment
  • Academic Difficulty/College Success Coaching
  • Re-set Password or Network ID (Crimson Service Desk)
    • Make sure you are not including “” in your network ID because the website will reject your attempt
    • Re-set your password at the following website:
    • If you still are having difficulty you can seek extra help at the Crimson Service Desk:

How to Answer Front Desk Phone Calls

Answer the call: “Academic Success and Career Center this is _____________ how can I help you?”

End the call: “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Always please get a student ID, it makes it’s easier to help the student with their problem.


  • Be friendly and smile: people can hear smiles through the phone