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Academic Success and Career Center Cultivating Successful Scholars and Professionals

Hire WSU Alumni & Students

Campus Recruiting Services at WSU

Welcome to recruiting at Washington State University! We foster partnerships with employers to help them hire top talent from WSU’s academic programs. Here is everything a hiring employer needs to know to start recruiting WSU students. If you would like to set up a zoom conversation about moving forward with your recruiting needs, please let me know: – Thank you and I hope you remain safe and healthy. 

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Post a Job or Internship

The Academic Success and Career Center (ASCC) uses Handshake to share job postings for WSU students and alumni. Employers can use Handshake to connect with students, post jobs, manage applications, schedule campus visits, and join career fairs.

Our website contains an extensive amount of information to get you started, but we encourage you to contact us directly as well.  We look forward to building a partnership!

Create an account on Handshake to start recruiting students!

For detailed instructions on setting up an employer account on Handshake, please watch this short video.

Requirements for Employers Creating a Handshake account

  • Employers’ account e-mail must match the organization’s website domain name. Generic e-mail addresses, such as, Gmail, Hot Mail, or Outlook cannot be accepted. This measure is set in place to protect our students, as well as your organization.
  • Missing, inaccurate, or illegitimate information in your registration form could result in a declined Handshake account request.
  • Private parties (i.e. someone unassociated with an established organization for personal employment) cannot be accepted.
  • Employers who do not conform to Washington State law will not be accepted.

Posting Local Student Employment Positions

For assistance in finding employment with Washington State University, you can search for jobs through Handshake. Handshake is WSU’s free employment resource website for students and alumni. Within Handshake, students also have the option to cater their job search to either on-campus or off-campus employment, along with on-campus and off-campus work-study positions. Students must log in with their WSU Student Network ID and password

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Schedule a Recruiting Visit

Ready to come to campus? The ASCC can connect you with students, professors, and departments. We offer several recruitment opportunities:

  • On-Campus Interviews: Schedule interviews through Handshake or contact Our office in Lighty 160 offers 12 interview rooms for employer use between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.
  • Campus Tabling & Presentations: Get the word out to students and boost your brand on campus by setting up an information table or presentation. Fill out the form here or Contact: with any questions.
  • Career Fairs & Associated Events: The ASCC hosts an all majors Career Expo each fall and spring to help students and employers connect. Please see our Career Expo page for more information about upcoming career fairs.

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Develop an Internship Program

Students seek internships that allow them to build professional experience, test tentative career choices, receive mentoring, and make their academic studies more relevant. Check out our employer guide to internships for more information about starting an internship program at your organization.

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Hiring International Students

Many employers are concerned about liability issues related to the employment of international students in the United States due to changes in federal laws governing non‐citizens. Getting permission for international students to work in the U.S. is not as difficult as many employers think. Most international students are in the U.S. on non‐immigrant student visas (F‐1 and J‐1), and these international students are eligible to accept employment under certain conditions. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions on the topic or read more about OPT/CPT.

Become a Coug Honored Partner

The Coug Honored Partner Program provides employers with additional services and visibility options to reach WSU students and alumni. Membership in this program also supports ASCC efforts to enhance and extend our student services. Learn more about the Coug Honored Partner Program.

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About the Academic Success & Career Center

The Academic Success and Career Center (ASCC) provides central career development and advising functions for students at Washington State University. The Career and Employer Relations team connects students with employers and provides resources for students to develop themselves professionally.

Recruiting Policies and Procedures

We are proud of the important role we play in connecting students and employers, and we carefully cultivate employer partnerships. We recommend employers read our recruiting policies to view the requirements for recruitment at Washington State University and use of the Handshake.

Our Commitment to Student Career Development

We work with students to help them set career goals, gain industry-relevant experiences, learn effective networking skills, and confidently present themselves in professional settings. The ASCC supports students throughout their academic careers to help them gain experiences that align with their career goals. You can view our website for more information on our career development services for students on our website.

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