A CV, or Curriculum Vitae, is a repository of all academic credentials, experiences, publications, and achievements. Used primarily in the world of academia, a student would typically need a CV if they are preparing for or attending a graduate-level program or applying for positions in academics. Typically, there are no set page limits to CVs and should be comprehensive and detailed.


Drop-In Advising for the Summer

Happy summer, Cougs! To best serve your needs this summer, we will not offer drop-in academic and career advising from Monday, May 6, through Friday, August 9. We will still be available to connect with you during regular business hours, …

By Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan Associate Director
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Unlock your Ph.D. Potential: McNair Scholars Program at WSU is currently accepting applications for 2024-25 cohort

Do you dream of earning your Ph.D.? The McNair Scholars Program has been preparing eligible Washington State University undergraduates for graduate school since 1999 and is currently recruiting eligible students who have at least 4-semesters left before graduation.

Participants receive:

By Hildegarde Velasco-Faga'autau
Hildegarde Velasco-Faga'autau Internship Coordinator
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CV Advice from Elsevier

When it comes to publishing in research and sciences Elsevier has a long history of excellence. This clear and concise article on CV writing provided by Elsevier gives great tips for getting started, as well as explaining the uses and …

By Harrison Hughes
Harrison Hughes Career Coach & Academic Advisor
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Resume vs. CV (Curriculum Vitae)

If you have a resume, but you don’t have a Curriculum Vitae, you should think about creating one (better to be prepared, just in case). Some employers are expecting a CV while other employers are not. How do you know …

By Maureen Summit
Maureen Summit Graduate Staff Assistant
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What Are Transferable Skills? Definition and Examples

Even if you haven’t had your first professional job, chances are you’ve gained some transferable skills from internships, volunteering, classes, and even extracurriculars. Transferable skills, as the name suggests, are skills you can transfer from one job to another. These …

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Featured Resources

As a college student, you are a target for scammers. They know that you are young, potentially inexperienced, and may …

Dr. Karen’s Rules of the Academic CV

Is a pragmatic guide for preparing your CV, with direct advice within a …

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