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Starting Your Job Search

It’s that time of the year, when all your friends are breaking out their laptops and revving up their job and internship search to land that perfect position by summer time. (Ideally you’re giving yourself 6-12 months for the big search.)

Check out these tips to keep your search moving and producing responses from your network:

  • Know your interests: what you like and don’t like in work terms (example: I like working with spreadsheets)
  • Know your values: what’s important to you at work (examples: salary, relationship with your boss)
  • Know your skills: things you’re good at.
  • Make a plan to net an offer that makes the best of your interests, values, and skills:
    • Start with a list of 10 employers (you may need more later) based on the type of people that work there, products and services you believe in, geography, and more.
    • Write down 3-4 job titles that you’ll be aiming for. You can find these on your company career websites.
    • Create an organization system for your job search activity and information: a smart phone app, a spreadsheet, or a plain notebook.