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Networking and Personal Brand

Accelerating your internship and job search through building and maintaining your network will enable you to steer your search in the direction you would like to go, rather than spending hours filling out online applications and waiting for employers to respond to you.

These tips can help you establish your personal brand and network:

  • Develop a pitch, your 30 second introduction for employers, that includes your major(s) or degree(s), interests, skills, and what makes you valuable to your employer audience.
  • Refine your resume both visually and in content to reflect your pitch and unique brand you bring to the workplace.
  • Build a list of people already in your network: friends, family, supervisors, co-workers, advisors, faculty mentors, and more.
  • Create a LinkedIn account ( utilize the Advanced Search feature and join the Official Alumni Association of Washington State University Group to spot new contacts.