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COVID-19 Career Resources

Skills to Add to Your Resume Due to COVID-19

Covid-19 has created distinct needs for two new skills sets in almost every workplace.  These two skills can immediately be added to your resume or cover letter to relate to the current needs of employers: 

1) Ability to complete telework. 

2) Ability to understand and comply with Covid-19 social distancing guidelines. 

These skill sets have risen in importance over a very short period of time and due to that students have a unique opportunity to show themselves to be leaders in gaining and mastering these.  Please consider the needs of the employers you are considering and do not hesitate to communicate how you have learned to be proficient in these areas.                                   

1) Ability to complete telework

Proficiency in telework can be communicated in several ways.  You can highlight your ability to self-regulate as telework sometimes comes with less direct oversight by managers.  You could highlight video-conferencing software that you have are comfortable using.  In interviews and cover-letters you can even describe how you overcame the challenges of your coursework being moved to online format half-way through the semester.     

2) Ability to understand and comply with Covid-19 social distancing guidelines    

For business to succeed during a pandemic they need to be able to show their customers that it is safe to do business with them.  Adhering to social distancing guidelines is not only good business practice but also mandated by many state governments.   You can refer to Page three in the WA state guidelines for reopening the economy under “All Individuals and Businesses” to familiarize yourself with these standards.


3) Flexibility and willingness to acquire entirely new skills to meet employers needs         

Acquiring new skills to pursue new areas might feel like you are trying to catch-up but realize that you are combining old experiences with new and investing in yourself.  You can become a more versatile and impactful asset to potential employers the more you learn and invest.  This not only influences your immediate COVID-19 impacted career options but also your future ones.  Doors that might never has been open to you before could become open thanks to your extra efforts.