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Academic Success and Career Center Cultivating Successful Scholars and Professionals
Academic Success & Career Services for Women

Career and life can be a tough balance and the ASCC is dedicated to helping you find your way.

Always Negotiate for Salary

Gender differences in salary can cost you more than 20% of your salary and set you back years.  It can be hard to negotiate and we can help with that.

“Linda Babcock did a study for her book Women Don’t Ask where she found that there was a 7.6% difference between the salaries that women MBAs were getting and those that men were getting.”

We can coach you on how best to approach salary negotiation and in which phase of the interview it is best to bring up the topic.

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Career and Life Balance

Understanding how to navigate career goals and life goals can be especially tough. 

While the ASCC tends to focus on career readiness our coaches can sit down with you to plan out a life path of sorts that accounts for multiple paths with different priorities being assigned at difference stages in the process.

You can also reach out to Counseling and Psychological Services for help


Have questions and want to know your rights?

The Women’s Center on campus has some amazing resources: