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Career Services for International Students

Resources for International Students

Life is the United States on an F-1, J-1, or M-1 visa can be a fun adventure and the Academic Success & Career Center is here to provide support.

Find a Job: Handshake


Handshake is a job posting site that focuses on connecting Employers with Students.  Washington State University has connected with thousands of Employers all over the world to help students find work locally, nationally, and internationally.  Designing your profile is a chance to build up your Handshake spotlight and have Employers find you.  Research from Handshake shows that Employers look at Major and School Year most often when scouting for future recruits.

Research Organizations

Linkedin serves as great jumping off point for learning about an organization you are interested in.  Every business is different and understanding a way to connect yourself to that business could help with landing an opportunity with them.  The Mission Statement for each organization is a chance to envision how you could be a part of their overall mission.

Immigration Status and Sponsorship

It can be hard to broach the topic of your immigration status and our coaches can help you learn how best to approach that topic.

Resume Design and Interview Coaching

Resume design is one place to highlight what makes you you and the ASCC coaches understand how to blend and build your international experience and identity with what you think is most important and what the organization may think is most important.  Resumes require a lot of work and constant change but the ASCC is prepared to guide you and then teach you how to use the tools we use to prepare yourself for success in the United States market.



Call the International Student Advisor at 509-335-2422



FAQ for Hiring International Students

What you need to know about hiring International Students



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