Checking in on You: Academic Edition

We all have goals that we set for ourselves at the start of any adventure.  Whether you say it out loud, write it down, or keep it as a secret just for you, there are fantasies we have about how our adventure ends.  For your Fall 2022 Semester Adventure at WSU, what did you tell yourself you would accomplish by the end of the semester?  For some of us, it was to attend every single class, no excuses!  For others, our goal was to make our families and ourselves proud. 

So I ask you, how are you accomplishing these goals?  What active steps are you taking daily to actualize this fantasy?  You know the fantasy I’m talking about: when you start studying for your finals three weeks ahead of time, anxiously await the results, find out you passed (like you always knew you could!), and call your person (or people) to tell them the good news, victory dances on both ends happening at the same time.  Beyond coming up with killer dance moves for said victory dance, how are you holding yourself accountable this semester? 

I propose the following self-check in:

  1. What is your Fall 2022 Semester Adventure goal(s)?
    1. Why did you set this (or these) goals for yourself?
  2. When the Semester Adventure began, how did you plan to accomplish these goals?
    1. List out the steps to success that you made to accomplish these goals.  Steps to success can be thought of as anything you plan to do in order to meet your Semester Adventure goals, for example: setting aside daily time to study, checking in with your accountability-buddy, going to office hours, having a self-care time blocked out for yourself, and so on.
  3. How are you feeling about your classes so far? 
    1. Do you enjoy going to them?
    1. Why do you feel that way about your classes?
    1. How can we change the way we think about these classes to reflect the positive things the course has to offer?  For example, instead of “I can’t stand the professor!” we could instead try “The professor has a different teaching style than what I’m used to.”
    1. Do your mapped out steps to success reflect the amount of time and effort that are being demanded from your classes?
  4. Does your agenda, planner, calendar, to-do list, etc. reflect these steps to success?
    1. How or how not?
    1. Do my steps to success have a time frame?
    1. Does this time frame give enough time to accomplish everything on my list?
  5. Reflect: are these steps to success that I mapped out actually leading me to the Adventure goal(s) I set for myself?
    1. How or how not?
    1. If they are not helping me, why am I continuing them?
    1. Strike out the items from your agenda, planner, calendar, or to-do list that you feel do not serve in meeting these goals.
  6. Now that I’ve determined what doesn’t serve my goals and myself, are there any adjustments that I need to make to my steps to success to meet my Semester Adventure goal?
    1. Pencil in any adjustments you need to make.  For example: more time for reading/analysis, setting daily goals to motivate and inspire, daily class reflection, attending tutoring, and so on. 
  7. Go to the mirror, observe the person staring back at you who just created an AMAZING Action Plan to accomplish your Semester Adventure goals, and give yourself a pat on the back.  You have shown and continue to show that you care about your long-term and short-term success. 
  8. Repeat this list as necessary and remember that you got this!  
By Adrianne Mitchell
Adrianne Mitchell GA: Academic Coach