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Academic Success and Career Center Cultivating Successful Scholars and Professionals

ASCC Advise Request Forms

Hello WSU Advisors!

ASCC Program Assistants will process your request, once more information is known, please fill out the corresponding form to update your students’ accounts.

Please utilize one of the 3 forms below. 

Advisor Update Request Only

Plan Update Request Only (AI updates)

Program Update Request Only (Admit to major) 

Do you have a list of 5 students or more? Please, our excel template ASCC Program Changes Template with all advisor, AI, and Admit to Major changes and email it to


To update the requirement term for your student use the template email below to send to and we will make the updates in mywsu.


Please update the requirement term for the student(s) below from 2207 to 2205.


Student ID

Student Name