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To review a list of available workshops please visit the ASCC Program Calendar.

Online Workshops

Time Management

Are you a procrastinator? What are your time management skills like? Come and learn which study method to choose, good habits of effective time managers, how to set goals, and how to assess your time management skills. This workshop will give you tips on how to be an effective time manager and a successful student at Washington State University.

Test Taking Strategies

Learn ways to enhance your study skills before a test, and how to improve your test taking skills during exams. Test taking tips for different types of exams will be addressed.

Reading Strategies

Do you read the same sentence over and over? Struggling to retain the information from the chapter? This workshop will give you tips and tools on effective reading strategies.

Request a Presentation

The Academic Success and Career Center offers presentations on career related topics such as Resume Creation, Job and Internship Strategies, and Successful Interviewing Techniques.  We also offer presentations on academic success strategies such as Time Management, Note Taking, Study Skills, etc. Please complete and submit the Presentation Request Form to request a presentation for your class or group.