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College Success Foundation Scholars Program

College success programs help today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders. We focus on providing support to students with the following backgrounds:

College Success Achievers

Achiever Scholars identified by the College Success Foundation.

Fostering Cougar Champions

Individuals who have spent a day or more in state, tribal or federal foster care.

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

Scholars receiving the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship.

Washington Inspiring Students from Homelessness

Beginning July 1, 2019, WSU will participate in Washington’s Passport to Careers Program to assist students experiencing homelessness.  The program is called WISH – Washington Inspiring Students from Homelessness.  Through the WISH program, WSU students who have experienced homelessness can access significant supports from first-year through graduation, with assistance in academic, personal, social, financial and career areas.

For more information, contact:

Maria de Jesus Dixon
Director, College Success Program
Assistant Director, ASCC/Academic Advisor
Lighty 190-D

Washington State University