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Academic Success and Career Center Cultivating Successful Scholars and Professionals

Our Academic Success Coaches

Meet Our Coaches!

Our coaches work hard to provide thoughtful and helpful services to students seeking Academic Success Coaching. Our team is excited to meet you!

Ricky ThaiName: Ricky T. (He/Him/His)

Graduate Program: M.S Economics

Academic Coaching Specialty Areas: I am specialized in time management and efficiency

Education: Bachelor and Masters in Economics from Washington State University

Favorite Aspect of Academic Success Coaching: My favorite aspect of academic coaching is time management and learning strategies. Throughout my coaching career, developing time management skills helped my students managing tasks that need to be done throughout the days and weeks while learning strategies improved efficiency. If students understand these concepts and implement them into their academic practice, they will do very well at school.

Fun Fact About Me: I love watching and playing soccer. 

Name: Veronica S. (She/Her/Ella)

Graduate Program: Ph.D. American Studies

Academic Coaching Specialty Areas: Time Management, Academic/Social Life Balance, Goal Setting, First Generation Survival Skills, Job Market Exploration, Community Making/Civic Engagement, and Graduate School Professionalization.

Education: AA Interdisciplinary Studies (South Texas College); BA English  (The University of Texas Pan American); MFA Creative Writing: Poetry, with Graduate Certification in Mexican American Studies (The University of Texas Pan American)

Favorite Aspect of Academic Success Coaching: As a non-traditional student who began pursuing a college degree in her late 20s, I enjoy talking to students about the alternative routes and methods that make college success different for every student. I love listening to students discuss their course and career goals and how they see their degrees changing their lives and the lives of their families. Sharing my own institutional knowledge and past experiences, I help students find techniques and services that ensure they are both academically and holistically well. In our discussion of service and professionalization, I encourage students to connect the knowledge and projects they produce in the academy back to their communities and the larger goals they have set to impact their field and the world.

Fun Fact About Me: I am a sCHOLAr from the Rio Grande Valley who grew up in Sullivan City, 7 miles from the hand-drawn Los Ebanos Ferry entry into Mexico. I am a spoken words artist and poet who has been writing, performing, and publishing for over 20 years. I love and collect gnomes, La Virgin de Guadalupe, saint candles, ceramic sugar skulls, chola art, and Chicano culture print publications. For fun, I enjoy watching post-apocalyptic movies and TV series that involve the end of the world through zombies, meteor impacts, climate change, alien space invasions, killer clowns from outer space, gelatinous blobs, gigantic insects, vampires, and AI domination. When I am not performing, writing, or working, I enjoy spending time with my chubby vato named Alex and our gato named Boots.

Name: Morgan J. (She/Her/Hers)

Graduate Program: Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

Academic Coaching Specialty Areas: Study Strategies, and School-life Balance.

Education: BS Psychological Sciences, University of Arizona (U of A); MA Psychological Sciences, Northern Arizona University (NAU)

Favorite Aspect of Academic Success Coaching: Each student encounters obstacles during their time in college which can be difficult. Working with students to help them work through those obstacles and come out stronger is very rewarding to me. Seeing students work toward and achieve their goals in school and in life is what I love about academic success coaching.  

Fun Fact About Me: My favorite hobby is knitting! I learned how to knit when my mom gifted me a beginners’ knitting class where I learned the basics. Then from there I learned how to knit beanies, blankets, scarves, and gloves from videos online! During the winter, catch me wearing one of my many beanies!

Name: Sam F. (He/Him/His)

Graduate Program: Ph.D. Modern American History

Academic Coaching Specialty Areas: Building Effective Communications Skills, Development Successful Learning Strategies, Establishing Lifelong Time Management Practices, Finding Healthy School/Life Balance, One-on-One/Small Group Coaching

Education: BA English and History (University of California); MA English, MA Education, and Ph.D. Education (Michigan State University); MA North American History (Arizona State University)

Favorite Aspect of Academic Success Coaching: In a lifelong career of working with college students in a variety of capacities across the country, what I enjoy most is simply spending time with individuals and small groups, communicating and sharing ideas together, so we all can find our way forward and toward our respective goals. I have received a lot of great coaching in my life, and I love paying it forward.

Fun Facts About Me: I bounced on and off of academic probation as an undergraduate student before finding my school rhythm during the summer session after my second year of college. I also struggled with undiagnosed ADHD and orthographic dyslexia for years as I moved through graduate school. I don’t want any WSU student to feel the way I did, so I love learning about unique student experiences here and being able to help out in so many different ways.

Undergraduate Peer Academic Coaches

Name:  Jennifer Gutierrez (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Business, Marketing with a Minor in Psychology

Year in Major: Senior

Name Academic Coaching Specialty Areas: My specialty in being an academic coach is that I personally understand how difficult it is to becoming a successful student. I’ve experienced failures in regards to my personal academic goals. I am in a position where I’ve learned an abundance about myself and hope to pass on this information to anyone who’d like to listen. 

Favorite Aspect of Academic Coaching: Seeing students who were once in my position finally move towards the direction where they are finally getting closer to achieving their academic goals. Overall, if I can help any student become more hopeful, motivated, or alleviated from their school stresses then that’s only half of my favorite part of being an academic coach. The other half resides with getting students to believe in themselves and their self-efficacy, we are all much more smarter than we give ourselves credit to be. 

Fun Fact About Me:  I have a 20 gallon long fish tank with 9 fishes, 2 shrimp, and 7 snails. I also love to bake and paint! 

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