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Don’t Cancel Class! Send one of us instead

Are you expecting to miss one or more of your classes this semester due to a professional or personal conflict? Instead of cancelling class, one of our facilitators will guide your students through a workshop of your choice. Our workshops focus on strengthening various academic habits necessary to a successful college career.

Starting Spring 2020 the Academic Success and Career Center will launch the Don’t Cancel Class Program in an effort to connect instructors to academic coaches and improve overall student success. In order to have adequate time to prepare your workshop, we generally ask for a two-week prior notice (requests sent with less than a two-week notice will still be reviewed). We will respond to requests within 4 business days. For more information, please see the following list of workshop options.


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For more information, please contact the ASCC at 509-335-6000

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Academic Workshops

Note Taking Strategies

This workshop considers ideas surrounding how we think about and implement effective note taking strategies as students. It provides helpful tips for utilizing different styles in consideration of the learner and dives into the importance behind impactful note taking. This workshop is most useful at the beginning of a semester or at the beginning of a new unit.

Learning & Study Strategies: How to Earn the Grades You Want!

This workshop guides students through numerous strategies intended to boost academic confidence and enhance scholastic took kits. We discuss the level of thinking/learning required to be successful in college courses, key ways to implement effective and efficient study habits, and active learning methods used to improve understanding. This workshop is most useful at the beginning of a semester or immediately after students receive grades for an exam.

How to Manage Your Motivation and Procrastination

This workshop helps students identify and overcome motivation related barriers to their academic success. We analyze reasons for procrastination and specific strategies students can utilize to curb bad procrastination habits. This workshop is useful at any time during a semester.

Vanquishing Exams/Midterms/Finals: Strategies for Before, During, and After

This workshop discusses different test-taking strategies and methods for answering various types of exam questions. It also considers the causes for test anxiety, the impact anxiety can have on test performance, and methods to manage this anxiety. This workshop is most useful after an exam.

Time Management

This workshop considers the ways that time management impacts our lives and offers useful tools for improving our mindsets and productivity in the context of our academic journeys. This workshop is useful at any time during a semester.

Career Workshops

Job/Internship Search

Getting ready to graduate? Or maybe starting to look for internships in your discipline? This workshop helps students in all disciplines and academic level in directed and supported searches for career opportunities. It provides helpful tips, tricks, and ways to find meaningful employment and internships for students.

Resume Writing

This workshop focuses on the overarching ideas and necessities when it comes to resume writing. It provides general feedback on the most common problems that are seen in resumes, and brings attention to ways to highlight student’s experiences.

Handshake/Student Employment

This workshop creates an overview of Handshake, the platform that Washington State University uses to help support students in finding employment during and after their studies. It focuses on ways to improve your handshake profile, the general uses of handshake, as well as on-campus employment opportunities.

Interviewing Tips

This workshop focuses on ways to improve your interview skills. It brings attention to not only verbal communication, but also nonverbal communication and the ways in which students can be interpreted from an employer standpoint.


This workshop creates an overview of what it means to be professional in and out of the workplace. It focuses on tips on dressing professionally, creating a strong sense of communication, as well as other aspects of professional appearance.