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Academic Success and Career Center Cultivating Successful Scholars and Professionals

Academic Success Coaching

Why Academic Success Coaching?

Academic Success Coaching offers you the opportunity to dive into guided explorations of a wide range of topics critical to your educational goals.  We recognize that each student has experiences and learning targets entirely their own, and strive to provide unique approaches to discussing and interacting with a variety of concepts.  Additionally, our coaches engage with how different ideas, strategies, and skills overlap and combine throughout your academic journey.

A Venn diagram of academic coaching topics that include time management, goal setting, motivation, learning strategies, notetaking, and test-taking.

Popular Coaching Topics:

Below, find a list of some of our most popular coaching topics including but not limited to:

Time Management: Offerings including scheduling/calendar development, and semester mapping. We recognize that time management approaches often intersect with many of the other topics that we focus on and we seek to address these areas based on your needs.

Prioritization: Exploring methods for organizing commitments and responsibilities and establishing avenues for gauging impact of assignments/activities.

Learning Strategies: Diving into the differences between studying and learning, developing study skills, discussing learning styles, and investigating the impact of study environments.

Note-Taking: Examination of implementing a variety of approaches, discussion of tools and resources, as well as information about the topic of active listening.

Goal-Setting: Utilization of tools such as concept mapping, vision boarding, and long-term/short-term goal setting.

Motivation and Procrastination: Suggestions surrounding strategies, tips, and helpful resources

Top 5 reasons to get help at the ASCC: It's free, gives you a personalized action plan, helps with motivation, clarifies priorities and how to measure them, and develops important academic skills.

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