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Academic Success and Career Center Cultivating Successful Scholars and Professionals

About Our Services


Our Mission

Academic success coaches are committed to providing students with skills, resources, and guidance necessary to achieve academic, personal, and professional outcomes. The Academic Success Coaching Program is available to support students on their educational and professional journeys by facilitating goal-setting to engage with topics of motivation, self-efficacy, and academic performance.


Available to all WSU students, the primary focus of individualized coaching sessions is to work with you surrounding educational, personal, and professional growth in areas such as Time Management, Learning Strategies, Notetaking, Testing, Motivation, and Procrastination.  Our program recognizes the dedication required to perform within university settings and seeks to offer support in rigorous learning environments. 

Our academic coaches serve as a resource for individualized suggestions and guidance on subjects intrinsically linked to academic success. Topics such as Time Management, Notetaking, Learning Strategies, Motivation, and Test Taking are fantastic launching points for many appointments, but material covered is not limited to the content mentioned here.  Ultimately, these sessions offer an opportunity for students to sample and reinforce a wide variety of success tools and strategies meant to boost and enhance their academic experiences. 

Learning Outcomes

It is our hope that these services will support students as they:

  • Gain knowledge and information to make academically beneficial decisions that contribute to goal attainment.
  • Understand self-initiation of use of on and off campus resources available to them as they navigate the complex structuring of factors influencing academic and personal success.
  • See growth in their academic performance and application of academic strengths.
  • Participate in self-reflective activities meant to encourage development of self-efficacy and self-regulation.
  • Learn how to set meaningful goals related to professional, academic, and personal performance.



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